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Performance Triad (P3) is the​ synergy of the health behaviors of sleep, activity, and nutrition in balance. Combining and always enhancing the targets of P3 is an ongoing journey. Continue your journey to optimal health with the strategies on this site.

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Apple and Fresh Basil Salad

Recipe of the Week

Apple and Fresh Basil Salad

Courtesy of Commissary.com​​

Macros / Serving Size
Protein 1 g | Fat 4 g | Carbs 36 g

% Calories of Macros / Serving Size
Calories 175 | Protein 3% | Fat 18% | Carbs 79%

Nutrients / Serving Size
Fiber 4g | Sodium  45mg | Sat. Fat 0g


Fit for Performance

Getting Fit: Weight Loss Strategies

​Strawberry and Asparagus​ Salad

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P3 New Year

Whether it is a group class or fitness partner, social support increases your chance of sticking to your exercise plan. Set a goal for how long and frequently you will work out, then find a fitness accountability partner to help keep you on track.​​
​​ ​

​P3 Gets Active

Consistency is key to achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether it’s prepping for the Army Combat Fitness Test or losing a few holiday pounds, begin your 2022 exercise routine by practicing new strategies to stay motivated throughout the year.​
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