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​Performance Triad (P3)

The combination of sleep, activity and nutrition (SAN) are critical for achieving optimal physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. They are integral in maximizing Soldier performance and are the cornerstones of the U.S. Army Office of the Surgeon General’s (OTSG) Performance Triad (P3) Campaign. P3 integrates the best available SAN sports science to improve soldier performance in tactical environments. It includes messaging, curriculum and training, policy development, technology, leader development, and making changes within the built installation environment to make the healthy choice the easy choice. P3 strives to improve and sustain healthy SAN knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and associated outcomes among Soldiers and Army beneficiaries.

How information on this website is organized

Topics are generally organized by purpose.

  1. Performance Learning Center contains educational articles grouped by primary topic: sleep, activity, and nutrition.
  2. Trending Topics contain articles about sleep, activity, and nutrition subjects in the news or the focus of research.
  3. How To contains information about how to incorporate healthy sleep, activity and nutrition habits into your everyday routine.
  4. Quick Wins contains Top Ten lists of actions our primary audiences can take to actualize Performance Triad goals.
  5. What Leaders Need to Know contains information about the state of Army health readiness and the role of Performance Triad and leaders in addressing health readiness challenges.
  6. My Army Wellness Center provides an overview of AWC services and a list of active center locations and contact information.
  7. My Performance Network contains information about forming P3 peer groups to help individuals support one another in implementing healthy lifestyle changes.
  8. Download Center contains a variety of P3 resources outlined below.

Types of Download Center resources

  1. Mobile Apps links lead to product displays for health and wellness related mobile applications on Apple iTunes and/or Google Play stores.
  2. Products and Publications developed for Performance Triad are available in digital download format or as print materials and can be ordered through the Army Public Health Center's eCatalog Shopping Cart.
  3. Video Playlists associated with several P3 initiatives as well as related third-party videos are available through the Performance Triad You Tube channel.
  4. Recipes aligned with P3 nutrition goals are available through the Performance Triad CookPad channel.
  5. Worksheets and Checklists in PDF format can be printed for use with various P3 initiatives mentioned on this website and in various P3 publications.
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