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LAST UPDATED: August 13, 2021
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Army Wellness Centers (AWCs) provide standardized primary prevention programs designed to promote and sustain healthy lifestyles and improve the overall wellbeing of Active Duty Service Members, adult Family Members, Retirees, and Department of the Army (DA) Civilians by leveraging state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.

All appointments include examination of current health habits, analysis of risk factors, exploration of personal health/wellness goals, and an assessment of obstacles that may get in the way of consistent health habits.

Core programs

Army Wellness Center services

Sleep education

Sleep education services include general information about healthy sleep habits, impact of sleep on health and wellbeing, tools, tips and positive action steps to improve sleep. AWCs’ two part Sleep Education class covers the basics of healthy sleep hygiene and walks clients through a self-assessment process to increase awareness of their own sleep habits. The class provides tools for sleep tracking and highlights the latest technology to assist with healthy sleep habits. Clients will craft healthy sleep goals and create a basic sleep plan to improve both quantity and quality of sleep.

Weight management and metabolic testing

Metabolism is the medical term for the rate at which the body burns calories. Weight management involves a delicate balance between calories burned and calories consumed. Metabolic testing results provide the exact number of calories required for weight loss, gain, or maintenance. The Upping Your Metabolism class will teach clients how to use their metabolic test results to reach their health goals.

Exercise testing and exercise prescription

Exercise testing is an assessment of biometrics (height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure, heart rate) and the four components of health related physical fitness:

  • Aerobic fitness (VO2 Submax)
  • Body composition (Body fat %)
  • Muscular fitness
  • Flexibility

Health Educators use exercise test results as a planning tool for exercise prescription and motivation to assist clients in establishing and meeting reasonable physical activity, fitness and health goals.

Stress management education and biofeedback

Stress and strong emotions can cause or worsen health problems like heart disease, hypertension, headaches, stroke, depression, and sleep disorders. AWC services include biofeedback and education in stress relief techniques, and coping skills.

Biofeedback is a relaxation technique used to teach clients to control functions like heart rate to reduce stress and build resilience. AWCs use a state-of-the art computerized stress relief system called emWave®. This non-invasive system helps clients learn how to control their heart rhythm pattern.

Body composition analysis

AWCs use various methods to determine body composition including the BOD POD®, ultrasound, bioelectrical impedance, or skinfold calipers. Body composition goes beyond the number seen on a scale and determines if weight comes from fat or fat-free mass. Fat-free mass includes everything the body is made of that is not fat, such as muscle and bone. There is a strong correlation between high body fat percentage and increased risk for diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Health Educators use exercise test results as a planning tool for exercise prescription and motivation to assist clients in establishing and meeting reasonable physical fitness and health goals.

The best part is… AWC services don’t cost you anything!

These services would cost you approximately $3,000 at a fitness center or civilian provider, so take advantage and schedule an appointment with your local Army Wellness Center today!

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