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LAST UPDATED: March 26, 2020
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Suggested meeting agenda

Approximate total meeting time: 1.5 hours

1. Meeting goals

  • Update other members on effects of changes you made since your last meeting.
  • Discuss a new topic as a group.
  • Commit to next “One Small Change” that works towards meeting your goal

2. Staying up-to-date


  • Up to five minutes
  • Review agenda and remind members about confidentiality.

Member updates

  • Two minutes for each member’s update
  • Take turns sharing changes you made.

3. Learning together

Guided discussion

  • One to one and a half hours
  • Discuss the new module using the Leader’s Guide, located at the end of each module, to keep the conversation on track.

4. Learning from each other

Personal discussions

  • Less than twenty minutes as time allows
  • Use “icebreaker” activities to continue to get to know each other (using time for a personal story).

4. Wrapping up

What’s next

  • Up to ten minutes
  • Discuss what worked and what didn’t.
  • Commit to the next “One Small Change” that works towards meeting your goal.
  • Set agenda for upcoming meeting.
  • Confirm next meeting time/date/location.

Agenda item 1—Staying up-to-date


Approximate time: up to 5 minutes

Meetings begin with a check-in. This is a great time to review the agenda and remind members that confidentiality and good communications are important. Try to get the meeting started on time so that the group doesn’t feel rushed.

Member updates

Approximate time: 2 minutes per member

Before diving into the discussion portion of the meeting, we recommend you go around the group and share important updates from last month, as well as upcoming opportunities and challenges you anticipate for the month ahead.

Take turns sharing changes you made since you last met. If you didn’t prepare anything to say, just share what you’re feeling in the moment. If a member is prepared when it’s his/her turn, offer to come back to them at the end of the member updates so they have time to collect their thoughts.

Use the Topic Tracker to keep track of the issues raised during member update. Keep an eye on the clock and make sure members don’t take more than 2 minutes. If anyone runs over, give them a gentle reminder to wrap things up so other members don’t feel rushed when it is their turn.

Agenda item 2—Learning together

During this portion of the meeting, you’ll be able to rely on The Total Army Family Challenge and Leader’s Guide to focus on the topics of the current module. We also suggest the following tips to help things to go as well as possible.

  • Keep things moving at a good pace. This will help you get through the whole topic.
  • Each module has a leader’s guide with several options for exercises and questions, choose the ones you think will make the most sense for your group.
  • Each module has a short video highlighting the topic. Consider showing this video to open the discussion, or send the link to the video out with the meeting reminder to get people thinking.
  • Try to identify a few stories from your own life that highlight key points from the module.
  • Look for opportunities to connect back to key takeaways from the module as members share their own stories.

Education discussion

Approximate time: 1 hour to 1½ hours

Discuss the new module topic as a group

Before the meeting, we recommend all members re-read the module on their own. This way, your group can best spend the time discussing the topic and sharing related experiences when you’re together.

During the main portion of the meeting, you can rely heavily on the Leader’s Guide to shape the conversation. The Leader’s Guide includes learning objectives, preparation tips, discussion tips, exercise options, and a resource page for additional material. This small homework assignment helps you start putting what you’ve learned into practice for your daily life.

Agenda item 3—Learning from each other

Personal discussion

Approximate time: 10 to 20 minutes, depending on available time

After going through the module discussion as a group, you may have a few minutes leftover. We recommend you use this time to get to know each other better. There are lots of great places to look for these kinds of icebreaker activities.

Try going around the room and asking everyone to complete a phrase like:
  • “I love...”
  • “I worry that...”
  • “I feel great when...”
  • “I look forward to...”
  • “I don’t feel good when...”
  • “This week I am going to commit to making this one small change...”

You can do as many as you want, and easily add more of your own. Some Triangles may also decide to use this time to dig into a topic that’s important to one or more members. This may be a topic related to recent or upcoming events in the unit or community.

Agenda item 4—Wrapping up


Approximate time: up to 10 minutes

Discuss what worked at this meeting and what didn’t. Review goals for the next meeting and commit to the next “One Small Change” that works towards meeting your goals. Set the agenda for the upcoming meeting. Confirm the next meeting time, date and location.

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