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LAST UPDATED: February 07, 2022
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​The Performance Triad represents sleep, activity, and nutrition—the three key components that can impact the cognitive and physical performance of Soldiers, Army Civilians, and their Families. While each component is important, optimal performance is achieved when all three are addressed simultaneously. By increasing awareness in these three areas—sleep, activity, and nutrition—it is expected that performance and resilience will improve, thus improving individual and Unit Readiness.

The Performance Triad complements the Army's Resilience DirectorateExternal Link

The ArmyFit™  is a technologically savvy resource that can help you meet your Performance Triad goals of improved performance through optimal sleep, activity, and nutrition. A resource site that provides Soldiers with information regarding their physical, spiritual, psychological, family and social wellbeing.

Take a completely confidential brief survey through the Azimuth Check, providing tailored resources.

ArmyFit provides the keys to living a healthy lifestyle.The Azimuth check formally known as the Global Assessment Tool (GAT) is an annual requirement (AR 350-53).

Are you ARMYFIT?

Start by assessing your current lifestyle by taking the Azimuth Check, then use follow-on custom programs, access to expert answers, and a whole suite of tools within ArmyFit.


Connect with others with similar interests, whether they are Soldiers, Family members, or Army Civilians. You can also connect with a wide range of experts, including doctors, trainers, and dietitians to get answers to your questions.


Double your chances of success by using ArmyFit's custom programs, including those on weight loss and sleep.

Features available in ArmyFitExternal Link

Azimuth Check

Access the new and improved Azimuth Check. Learn how you score in social, family, spiritual, emotional and physical dimensions, and how young or old your body thinks you are.

Connect with others

Based on your Azimuth Check results, experts, organizations, and topics are made available and recommended for you to connect with. Have conversations with people who share your interests and ask questions of experts.

Learn more about healthy living

Access content across thousands of topics to learn more about healthy living. Get access to articles, reference materials, action plans, videos, Q & As, and topic pages. Content is recommended to you based upon your needs and interests.

Get your RealAge® score

The RealAge® score is a measure of the user's actual physiological—not chronological—age based on lifestyle, health and fitness, and risk-taking behaviors.

Meet your health goals

With guided support, easy-to-implement action plans and expert advice, you'll achieve your health aspirations. The programs in ArmyFit are tailored to your needs.

Log your activity and track your progress

Stay on top of your comprehensive fitness by managing your progress over time. Track your weight, enter how many calories you consume daily, and see how active you've been every week, month or year. Monitor these important activities and how they affect your energy, vitality, and overall health.

Challenge yourself and compete with others

For every healthy action you take with ArmyFit, you gain points and earn badges you can show off within the ArmyFit community. Proudly earn and display your badges by completing healthy challenges like logging food intake, following expert advice, and cheering on other members of the community.

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