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LAST UPDATED: February 02, 2022

Source: Army.mil​​
​​Author: Paul Hughes​​​

STUTTGART, Germany -- “I’m literally as fat as a jelly donut!” I laughed aloud at the beginning of 2018 as my health assessment results were revealed live on American Forces Radio (where I DJ’d at the time). 27% fat it said, the exact same fat percentage of Germany’s favorite pastry. Like John F. Kennedy, I could say “Ich bin ein Berliner,” though a bit less proudly.

I was on a whole “new year, new me” kick, but before I even stepped foot in a gym I wanted to understand what I was dealing with, and well, become less like the donut. As part of a radio feature for AFN Wiesbaden on health, I had recently undergone a full range of services at the Army Wellness Center (AWC): Body composition analysis, metabolic testing and Vo2 testing, and I was being coached on a range of information about diet and exercising.

As the results were revealed, it became clear that I was in an unhealthy state – and fast forward to today, things have begun to slide again, and as I look at my brethren in the Panzer food court’s Popeyes Chicken line, I may not be the only one.

“I don't want to say it has been completely the blame of the pandemic, but I think a lot of people's health has declined,” said Jovan Duhart, Stuttgart’s Army Wellness Center Director. “People are realizing that they are increasing in mass, and their physical activity levels have gone down.”
After the pandemic forced the closure of the AWC in 2020, Duhart is back doing what he loves to do. Motivated by his own journey with his body, he is helping clients with their health goals on a daily basis, as well as leading the wellness center team.

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