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Sleep, activity and nutrition (SAN) are critical for achieving optimal physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. They are integral in maximizing Soldier performance and are the cornerstones of the U.S. Army Office of the Surgeon General’s (OTSG) Performance Triad (P3) Campaign. P3 integrates the best available SAN sports science to improve squad overmatch and Soldier performance in tactical environments. It includes messaging, curriculum and training, policy development, technology, leader development, and changes within the built installation environment to make the healthy choice the easy choice. P3 strives to improve and sustain healthy SAN knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and associated outcomes among Soldiers and Army beneficiaries.

Woman drinking water and staying hydrated

Beat the Dog Days of Summer

August 01, 2023


We've all heard the advice for working outdoors in summer heat: apply sunscreen; wear protective clothing; protect your eyes; drink fluids to hydrate well and often. Continue Reading

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For the Love of Vegetables

June 01, 2023


Explore the different types of vegetarian meals, their benefits and how you meatless meals can be incorporated into your regular meal schedule. Continue Reading

Children running in school corridor

Nutrition Tips for Families

May 10, 2023


As parents prepare to either send their children back to school or create a virtual learning environment in their homes, here are quick and picky eater-friendly lunch ideas for school-aged children. Continue Reading

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