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Physical fitness and activity are crucial to ensuring Soldiers are able to perform the duties and responsibilities of their jobs. Practicing principles of safe and effective training enables Soldiers to maintain physical readiness and health. Soldiers and leaders across the Army agree that activity and fitness are essential to being a strong warfighter. Although Soldiers are generally more physically active than civilians, they are frequently at risk for overtraining and resulting injuries. Profiles and Army Physical Fitness Test failures are both associated with medical non-deployability. Despite obtaining some activity through structured unit physical readiness training, many Soldiers are sedentary over the course of the day, which can lead to adverse health outcomes over time.

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Staying Physically Fit while at Home

September 20, 2022


While maintaining physical fitness is important for general health and stress management, it is even more critical during times of social distancing. Creativity is key during teleworking under social isolation when access to gyms is unavailable. Continue Reading

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Fuel for Thought

September 13, 2022


When you think of fuel, what comes to mind? Gas? Electricity? How about food? In a modern world that relies on fuel, we typically think of fuel that is used to power communication or transportation. Food is fuel for our bodies. Continue Reading

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Introduction to Activity

August 31, 2022


Physical activity is more than just "exercise" or "working out"— it's living an active lifestyle. Regular movement throughout the day inspires positive health outcomes over time. Continue Reading

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Kids Need Activity Too

July 27, 2022


It’s important for children to engage in physical activity. Be a good role model. Your health is critical to the well-being of your family. The more active you are, the more likely your kids will follow suit. Continue Reading

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Reduce Your Risk of a Stress Fracture

July 25, 2022


Stress fractures are among the leading causes of medical holdovers that occur during basic military training. Along with proper exercise and training, vitamin D and calcium may play a role in helping you build and maintain strong bones. Continue Reading

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Feeling Burned Out at Work?

June 13, 2022


To avoid burnout, experts recommend taking stock of your work-life balance and making the time to engage in leisure, fun activities, sports, and hobbies you enjoy. Continue Reading

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Aerobic Activity Goals

April 28, 2022


Aerobic exercise is also called cardiovascular training because it helps build your body’s ability to pump blood and oxygen to your working muscles. Continue Reading

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