Got Protein?

LAST UPDATED: September 02, 2022

​​​​​​​​​​​Protein is essential for performance. When you are physically active, you work your muscles and connective tissues hard. You need protein to build and repair injuries to those tissues. In addition, when you run out of carbohydrate stores, your body burns protein for energy. Those who are physically active need more protein than those who are more sedentary. Learn more about the 'Benefits of Protein​'.​

What are the B​​enefits of Protein?

Protein is a backup energy source, but do not rely on protein for energy. When you burn protein, it is because you are low on carbohydrates. Too few carbohydrates and calories cause you to burn valuable lean tissue, which weakens your muscles and can decrease overall strength. View the the articles below and learn more about the benefits of protein.​

Is Chicken a G​ood Protein?

Eat lean protein. Reducing fatty red meat and increasing lean proteins such as chicken, seafood, beans, eggs, nuts and seeds can aid in building muscle, losing weight and maintaining a healthy heart.​ Take a look at a few chicken recipes below that may help in your lean protein intake.


​For more great chicken recipes and more visit here​. ​External Link

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