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Adequate sleep is critical to mission success. In training and on the battlefield, inadequate sleep impairs many mission-critical aspects of performance such as reaction time, the ability to detect and engage the enemy, and squad tactic coordination – to name but a few. When asked about the connections between sleep and mission readiness, Soldiers and military leaders consistently recognize that sleep loss leads to accidents, poor morale, and impaired judgment. However, despite this, there remains a subculture within the force that considers sleep loss to be a “badge of honor” and "the Army way." They are wrong. In fact, the negative effects of sleep loss on brain function and health, and on military readiness and resilience, are profound and no one is immune.    

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Introduction to Sleep

August 31, 2022


Sleep is vital for health, performance, and well-being. Sleep sustains the brain’s capabilities for success on and off the battlefield. With quality sleep, Soldiers prepare themselves to excel mentally and physically. Continue Reading

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Sleep Under Stressful Conditions

April 22, 2022


If you are having feelings of anxiety and you are having trouble sleeping, use this guide to learn about strategies, tips, and techniques to reduce stress and improve your sleep. Continue Reading

Sleep for health during COVID19

Sleep and COVID-19

December 26, 2021


Maintaining good sleep practices during COVID-19 is important for ensuring optimal health. Inadequate sleep, especially during times of stress can lead to fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and irritability. Continue Reading

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Sleep Tactics for Sustained Operations

December 10, 2021


Planning for sleep in training and tactical environments is a core leader competency. Leaders must know the sleep-work cycles of their Soldiers, particularly when they are working shifts, are in operational environments, or outside standard duty hours. Continue Reading

Soldiers sleeping.

Fatigue Guide

October 20, 2021


P3 WARFIGHTER FATIGUE MANAGEMENT GUIDE Take steps to prevent fatigue and maintain your mental edge with adequate sleep, activity, and nutrition Continue Reading

Sleep and Children

Sleep and Children

September 20, 2021

Children and Teens

A good night’s sleep is essential to children’s health, development, and performance in school. Children’s sleep needs depend on their age group. Babies need the most sleep and spend about half of their sleep time dreaming. Teens need at least 9–10 hours. Continue Reading

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Managing Sleep and Shift Work

April 30, 2021


Sleep loss and insufficient sleep associated with Charge of Quarters (CQ), Staff Duty, and shift work places Soldiers at risk for motor vehicle or work-related accidents and impairs decision-making and alertness. Continue Reading

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