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Vitamin D and Winter Health

September 02, 2021


In the winter with shorter days and limited sunshine – it might be time to think about your vitamin D status. Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin and is needed as a key part of bone health. Continue Reading

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Try a Farmers Market or CSA for Fresh Foods

June 23, 2021


For those of you who favor fresh, seasonal, and local fruits and veggies, farmers’ markets and CSAs provide an alternative to big-chain grocery stores. Both options are bursting with a plentiful supply of produce. Continue Reading

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Fatigue Guide

April 28, 2021


P3 WARFIGHTER FATIGUE MANAGEMENT GUIDE Take steps to prevent fatigue and maintain your mental edge with adequate sleep, activity, and nutrition Continue Reading

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Reduce Your Risk of a Stress Fracture

January 14, 2021


Stress fractures are among the leading causes of medical holdovers that occur during basic military training. Along with proper exercise and training, vitamin D and calcium may play a role in helping you build and maintain strong bones. Continue Reading

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Healthy Holiday Tips

November 04, 2020


With the COVID-19 pandemic, holiday meals may require some additional thought to keep safe. Holiday meals also can be a challenge for those on health and fitness regimens. Continue Reading

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Support a Healthy Immune System with P3

August 25, 2020


10 Tips for Staying Healthy At Home during COVID-19. Ideas for staying healthy with sleep, activity and nutrition while staying at home. Performance Triad is the synergy of sleep, activity and nutrition behaviors for overall health. Continue Reading

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Staying Physically Fit while at Home

April 10, 2020


While maintaining physical fitness is important for general health and stress management, it is even more critical during times of social distancing. Creativity is key during teleworking under social isolation when access to gyms is unavailable. Continue Reading

Soldier performing the 3 repetition maximum deadlift as part of the Army Combat Fitness Test

The Army Combat Fitness Test

February 13, 2020


This new physical fitness test will strengthen unit and collective readiness and provide the nation with physically fit Soldiers of unmatched lethality to deploy, fight and win decisively on any future battlefield. Continue Reading

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