How Do You P3 Your Day?

LAST UPDATED: September 29, 2022
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​P3 For All!
Performance Triad Month maybe coming to an end but we invite you to join us as we use the synergy of Sleep, Activity and Nutrition daily in our lives. View the testimonials as they discuss the importance of holistic wellness through P3 Synergy.

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P3 New Year

Whether it is a group class or fitness partner, social support increases your chance of sticking to your exercise plan. Set a goal for how long and frequently you will work out, then find a fitness accountability partner to help keep you on track.​​
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​P3 Gets Active

Consistency is key to achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether it’s prepping for the Army Combat Fitness Test or losing a few holiday pounds, begin your 2022 exercise routine by practicing new strategies to stay motivated throughout the year.​
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Personal Journeys

How Do You P3 Your Day? Watch these soldier stories on how they incorporate Performance Triad (P3) into their day by improving sleep, activity, and nutrition habits. Learn how to train and condition yourself like elite athletes and begin your journey to optimal health today!

​Some video content may be restricted based on DoD network policy.

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