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LAST UPDATED: January 15, 2020
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What are the components of the P3?

The Army P3 represents sleep, activity and nutritionthree key components that influence the physical, cognitive and emotional dominance of Soldiers, their Families, and our Retirees. While each component is independently important, optimal performance is achieved when all three are addressed simultaneously. While each component of the P3 is important, performance is optimized when you focus on all three areas together! The P3 encourages healthy behaviors that support individual Soldier performance and overall unit readiness, as well as a lifestyle of healthy behaviors for Soldiers and their Families. By increasing Soldiers’ awareness in these three areas— sleep, activity and nutrition—performance is optimized and resilience improves, thus improving health readiness of the Total Army Family.

How does P3 enhance personal and unit readiness?

The P3 supports and enables the responsibility of command teams to develop Soldiers with healthy minds and bodies which are essential to individual and unit readiness. To maximize or enhance the resilience of our Soldiers requires a combination of mental, emotional, and physical skills to generate optimal performance (i.e., readiness) not only during combat, but also during healing after an injury, preventing injuries and in managing work and home life. The tenets of the P3 build resilience in all the ways one can be resilient by leveraging cognitive, emotional, and behavioral skills.

What are the objectives of the P3?

Within military units, the overarching objectives of the P3 are (1) Develop a sustainable, unit-driven P3 health promotion and health readiness ethic that meets the needs of leaders, Soldiers and Families, Retirees, and DA Civilians; This initiative promotes and fosters healthy Sleep, Activity, and Nutrition through a multi-pronged and community approach; (2) Increase awareness and application of the P3; empower leaders to promote healthy behavior within their formations; (3) Embed healthy Sleep, Activity and Nutrition behaviors into the Army’s DNA to improve personal readiness, optimize performance, and enhance health and wellness.

How is the P3 is promoted in a military setting?

For military units, P3 is a squad-leader led program for first line supervisors to coach, teach, and mentor the tenets of human performance optimization (HPO). Using counseling techniques, weekly competitions, and technology, the P3 focuses on how sleep, activity, and nutrition can enhance physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, family, and social fitness. 

Are there other components to the P3 outside of the curriculum?

Yes. This initiative encompasses messaging, outreach, education, and collaborative partnerships that will maintain, restore, and improve the stamina, resiliency, and health of the Total Army Family. To affect and sustain behavioral change, the P3 is a comprehensive, multi-component campaign that includes strategies such as risk factor screening, social support, and educational activities for Family members, Retirees, and Soldiers. Please see the information sheet titled “Optimizing Human Performance and Promotion Personal Readiness”. The P3 utilizes the McKinsey Global Institutes’ model to create a holistic approach for behavior change that promotes personal health readiness.

Is the P3 for the Total Army Family?

Yes. The P3 has programs to influence Soldiers, Families and our beneficiary populations to increase their daily activity and improve their sleep, and enhance their nutrition behaviors—three key components that directly impact cognitive and physical performance and influence overall health. Healthy sleep, activity, and nutrition should be reinforced at home within each Army Family, where Soldiers and beneficiaries spend the majority of their time. The P3 not only supports improved strength, endurance, power and physical performance, it seeks to support emotional and mental health and well-being. Families can benefit from improved performance—at school, at home, at work, and across the lifespace while also serving as a critical support system for Soldiers.

What partnerships will help ensure that the P3 becomes part of the Army’s DNA?

 P3 is a synergistic initiative that brings together the depth and breadth of the US Army Public Health Center (APHC), US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (MRMC), US Army Ready and Resilient Campaign HQDA-G1, Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), US Army Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE), US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), and the US Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM). The people who have the greatest impact on Soldier behaviors do not reside in military hospitals and clinics—they are the unit leaders, mentors, and Family in the lifespace. The goal is to embed the P3 in the DNA of the Army—sleep discipline, daily activity, and good nutritional decisions.

Ready. Resilient. Responsible. Healthy.

P3 enhances readiness by promoting sleep, physical activity, and nutrition; which optimizes physical fitness, cognitive dominance, and emotional resilience of the Total Army Family. Improving sleep, activity and nutrition behaviors will optimize human performance through individual and unit health readiness, performance, mental and physical well-being, and resilience of the Total Army Family.

The Professional Soldier Athlete is an unstoppable force and in the Army, our mission is not a game. Being ready, resilient and healthy are hallmarks of the Profession of Arms and characteristics of the Professional Soldier Athlete. We also remain indebted to the Army Family for all they do and for their vital influence on the health and readiness of Soldiers.

The intention of the Army Ready and Resilient campaign is to integrate and synchronize multiple Army-wide programs aimed at improving physical, psychological and emotional health. The P3 is a key enabler of the campaign that promotes healthy lifestyle choices that combine the right amounts of sleep, activity, and nutrition to reach optimal performance.

We count on Army leaders to be the example of readiness and resilience to successfully accomplish the mission, every time. The P3 requires leaders at all levels to be engaged both professionally and personally in health, and the health conversation. We know we are the greatest Army in the world; the challenge now is to be the healthiest Army as well. Army Strong!

Call to action!

The strength of our Army is our Soldiers. Soldiers are the most sophisticated and complex Army weapon system. As members of the Profession of Arms, Soldiers must be ready to defend our nation with optimal performance. Soldiers must be ready physically, cognitively, and emotionally. Soldiers, like professional athletes, must perform at very high levels every day. For Soldiers, more is on the line than winning or losing a game. The safety and security of an entire nation is at stake.

In addition to the obligation to lead, develop, train, and equip Soldiers, leaders need to inspire Soldiers to view themselves as tactical athletes. Soldiers who achieve the status of a Professional Soldier Athlete exude optimal personal readiness through physical, emotional, and cognitive prowess; optimal performance during sustained operations, have strong and healthy social, family, and spiritual support networks. Leaders that develop these tactical athletes make the greatest contribution to a Ready and Resilient Force!

The need to optimize human performance is even more important in the future as we push towards the squad as the foundation of the decisive force. You will be operating in more physically demanding environments, where physical, mental, or cognitive overmatch can serve as a single point of failure or success for military missions. 

Sleep, activity, and nutrition provide a foundation for a fit and ready force. Further, the strength and resilience of the Total Army FamilySoldiers, DA Civilians, Retirees, and their Familiesis vital to the success of the Army. Their influence on the health and readiness of the Soldiers should not be underestimated. The Performance Triad (P3) provides leaders, Soldiers, and the Total Army Family with the tools and knowledge to achieve high levels of performance to optimize Soldier and unit readiness.

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